Wand Partners is an active private equity sponsor and investor, focused
on specialty financial services. In all of our investments, database analysis and feed-back driven decision-making are central to the management’s approach to business.

Wand is a disciplined, value-oriented investor that actively seeks to add value to portfolio companies. We look to invest in established, profitable businesses and back strong management teams that we can support with confidence. Wand is, however, able and prepared to manage portfolio companies on an interim basis, if necessary, and have done so in the past.

Wand seeks to build sound, profitable, growth businesses and achieve attractive returns at exit values that represent traditionally justifiable multiples of cash flow and/or book value. Wand’s optimal deal size is within the range of $50 million - $500 million of enterprise value.

Over the years, Wand has built sixteen platform businesses in specialty financial services, twelve of which have been insurance enterprises. Fourteen of these sixteen investments are now fully liquidated, producing an aggregate IRR of 28%.

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