Since inception in 1985, Wand Partners has been principally involved in middle-market buy-outs and has focused primarily on specialty financial services, particularly insurance. Wand is a value-oriented investor, applying the perspective of both an investor and an operating manager. We strive to buy well, build strong businesses and produce substantial gains at conservative exit values.

Our practice is grounded in experience though all stages of the business cycle. We believe that our superior investment returns have been based on good judgment with regard to acquisition prices and terms, accretive add-on acquisitions, sensible decisions regarding exits, an ability to add value to the companies in which we invest, and, finally, a willingness to work through business problems.

Wand has an established market presence as a private equity investor in insurance businesses and long standing relationships with strong managers and other private equity investment firms. While private equity investing is highly competitive, Wand has consistently been able to sponsor and invest in attractive transactions as a preferred partner.


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