Wand is a niche investor in insurance and other specialty financial services. We apply the perspective of decades of experience as operators and investors in public and private companies in the financial services sector.

Wand has been successful both as a fund manager and as the sponsor of “club” transactions with other private equity investors. Over the years, we have built sixteen platform businesses in specialty financial services, twelve of which have been insurance enterprises. Sixteen of these eighteen investments are now fully liquidated, producing an aggregate IRR of 28%.

The aggregate enterprise value of the financial services transactions sponsored by Wand at the time of acquisition approximates $2.5 billion.

Our investment and operating experience includes:  
•  Property/Casualty Insurance and Reinsurance   
•  Life Insurance   
•  Insurance Brokerage and Underwriting Management   
•  Commercial Banking, Commercial Finance and Specialty Finance   
•  Investment Banking   
•  Investment Management   
•  Real Estate Finance and Property Management   
•  Technology Services and Marketing Services


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